We are the

The BIG Green Collaborative works with expert individuals and organizations to create the bold approaches and solutions we need for an effective path towards sustainability.

This is what we believe will get us there.

Sustainability is going to need more innovations to become scaled ventures

BGC works with high potential solutions and ventures to get to a path of market-fit and growth

Organizations need to transform towards positive sustainable impact quickly

BGC supports organizations to transform their mission and work towards creating positive sustainable impact

Ecosystems need to be built to mainstream sustainability innovations

BGC supports organizations to transform their mission and work towards creating positive sustainable impact

Sustainability is a complex challenge that requires collaboration to solve

BGC works with expert individuals and organizations to make the best change happen

People need to be empowered on sustainability, not just made aware of it

BGC looks to effectively empower practitioners and decision-makers on how to change to sustainability, through all the work we do

A Snapshot of the BIG Green Collaborative

This site is being built out with more on what the BGC does and has done. Until we get that done, here’s a look at some of our work:

The Incubation Network

The Incubation Network by The Circulate Initiative & SecondMuse is a catalyst for action and investment in the circular economy that aims to prevent the flow of plastic waste into the world’s oceans. The network will create a collective of innovators, investors, civil society organisations, and government leaders across South and Southeast Asia.

The BIG Green Collaborative, through its parent organization, AtWorks, is one of the partner Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) of The Incubation Network, supporting to build out the venture and innovation ecosystem for plastic circularity in India and the wider region.

Climate Finance Initiative

The Climate Finance Initiative is collaboratively building a supportive financing ecosystem for climate action by the private sector in India. In our estimate, addressing climate change in India will need at least an additional $100 billion in private investment every year for the next ten years. Existing financing and innovation structures for climate action enterprises are insufficient, and CFI aims to strengthen and introduce needed financing structures.

The Big Green Collaborative is one of the founding members of CFI, along with Greenfunder.


AtWorks is an entrepreneur support platform founded in 2014 to strengthen the early-stage ecosystem, which has supported 300+ teams and 500+ founders till date. In 2016, AtWorks Coworking Management Platform was recognised by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as a Circular Economy Solution for Indian Cities.

This kickstarted a focus to align impact and the sustainability venture ecosystem, as part of a wider aim to accelerate positive impact through technology. The Big Green Collaborative came about when we realized that to navigate the complexity of the impact world, a more focused and collaborative approach was needed.

The Big Green Picture

For better decisions towards sustainability, we need to be better informed. To be better informed, we need narratives with depth that present facts with context. This is lacking today.

The Big Green Picture is a newsletter that takes a punt at addressing this through a better understanding of shifts for sustainable development.

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